Our Processes are on Target!

Realm has always been on the bleeding edge of using the right tools for the right jobs. Nothing is left to chance or to cumbersome, error prone manual processes and the company’s culture is that of embracing new technology. However, as we refined our processes we have... read more

Four reasons your favourite developer is a night owl

We all know one or two of them and some of us know quite a bit more, especially where developers congregate in large groups, like the Realm Chill Room. In the 20 years I have been working with developers, I have noticed that most (if not all) of them are night owls or... read more

11 tips to help deliver a successful development project.

Realm has dealt with a lot of clients over the years and we have built lasting working relationships. We have learnt a lot through experience and we have compiled a guide for our clients to ensure that we give them the know-how to run their projects successfully. At... read more

Welcome to Nangamso aka Soso!

Welcome Soso! She is not just so-so, she is awesome and she is our first female developer! Nangamso Mpofu, better known as Soso, joined us on 1 December 2015. She decided to expand her horizons by joining Realm because she saw a great opportunity for growth and the... read more

Christia Wollner joins Realmdigital

Christia Wollner joins Realmdigital as our new Operations and Project Manager. She has worked in digital agencies most of her life starting at Tinderbox Interactive – one of the very first website design and development companies! She will be responsible for... read more

Embrace the rise of mobile with Responsive Web Design

The trick to staying ahead of the curve with regard to the trends of website design, particularly now as the market branches out indefinitely towards mobile, is to create a solution that is scalable and a solution that will defy age with a design that is fluid to... read more

4 ways to innovate your customers shopping experience

If you’re a retailer you know that customer expectations are higher than ever before; they expect to be able to shop all day and night, use your brands’ social media channels for ideas and to discover new products, be able to buy on mobile devices,... read more