AngelHub Launches Founders' Dinner by Wesley Lynch | 22 January 2012 | 0 Comments

Richard DewingAngelHub, a Business Angel Investment Group, has launched a new monthly networking event; The Founders Dinner. This came about after attending multiple events which lacked the appropriate balance of meet and greet with wine and dine. The main focus is to bring founders and prospective founders of high-growth ventures together to enjoy plenty of meaningful conversation and shared experiences over a relaxing meal. The room will be filled with years of experience and many who are keen to gain experience.

One knowledgeable guest entrepreneur will join representatives of the AngelHub team, and 10 seats will be open for other entrepreneurs to join in. The events will alternate between Johannesburg and Cape Town with the first one taking place on Thursday 2nd February in Johannesburg at SLOW in the City, Sandton. The Guest entrepreneur for the evening will be Richard Dewing – founder and CEO of business data backup software company: Cibecs.

To book a seat at this dinner table and/or for more info please email: When you do, please include a short paragraph telling informing the organisers a bit about you as an entrepreneur.

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