British Airways iPad App Development Improves Customer Care by Jacques Millard | 24 January 2012

b-airways-iPadBritish Airways are leading the way in customer satisfaction with a roll out of 2000 iPads to senior crew with a pre-installed application aimed at improving customer service and providing the crew with as much information as possible regarding their passengers. A trial was run with 100 iPads with the application installed distributed among their crew on different routes. After receiving positive feedback from both staff and customers they rolled out a further 2000 to senior crew across the board. This move indicates a serious move for iPad application development into mainstream practical business usage in an environment that can truly benefit from having personalised service, happy customers and up to date information. 

Real life iPad Apps

The iPad application developers have made the app not only passenger focused but user friendly and most importantly have relied on feedback from the users to tweak and update the app. Ensuring that it is continually providing the best real life application possible. Often iPad application development was viewed as the birth place of marketing gimmicks or purely business based applications that are of little use to Jo average. This however shows that iPad application development is entering a realm where the real world application can be utilised by every aspect of industry and economy.

The application developed for the iPad allows up to the minute, easily changeable customer information, including previous travel details and complaints which may have been lodged, to the point that the staff can view all correspondence that took place regarding the complaint between the airline and the passenger. This allows crew to identify passengers who may be unhappy, the app also colour codes passenger’s seats if they have been downgraded due to overbooking again allowing crew to easily identify unhappy passengers and provide them with extra attention.

Business's need for iPad Apps

iPad application development is becoming as essential to your business as a website, the iPad application developers are gaining experience and as knowledge is being shared the developers are building applications that provide a better end user experience. Business’s are learning that these iPad applications not only benefit marketing and the business as a whole but also their employees, by making them more efficient. iPad application development is versatile and allows customisable usage, this gives clients massive freedom to choose what exactly they need or want from their iPad application. A custom developed application can help take your business into the 21st century, where less clicks for a customer means more chance of gaining a client. In a world where interaction, both personal and with brands, has gone digital users and consumers expect to be able to purchase, book or find information effortlessly. iPad application development allows this and thus encourages interaction with your brand and product.