Implementing new technology in South African schools by Suhaifa Naidoo | 11 November 2011 | 0 Comments

There is a definite delay when it comes to the South African government implementing new forms of technology such as the iPad into our schools. It may seem like a pricey venture but once paid for; downloading books is far cheaper than buying the hard copy. The idea of buying chapters of textbooks as apposed to buying the entire book is far more appealing.

Spending a lump sum of money on an iPad or another tablet seems justifiable when you think how much schools spend on textbooks every year plus it means no more lugging around backpack loads of textbooks on a weekly basis. It gives the author of these textbooks a chance to update them on a regular basis therefore if material changes it won’t take years for a new one to be written and published; keeping information relevant.

These tablets offer a variety of benefits including interactive programs to demonstrate problem-solving in math, scratchpad features for note-taking and bookmarking, the ability to immediately send quizzes and homework to teachers, and the chance to view videos or tutorials on everything from important historical events to learning foreign languages.

The video below got me thinking…Why isn’t our government investing in our youth and their education?

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