The Ask

MediaCom approached Realm Digital to assist with a solution for Centrum South Africa. The brief was clear in that Centrum wanted to run a campaign that would generate brand awareness and get people talking about how to fight colds and flu this winter season.


What came next?

The idea was a Facebook-based snowball fight, which we then expanded, developed and implemented into a fully responsive, fully functional web app.

With it being responsive, it meant that the exact desktop experience was replicated on mobile. In doing so, we were able to ensure that no one in Centrum’s target market was excluded.

The scope of work included custom development for the following:

       Notification and tagging functionality

       Inviting friends to join the game by posting on their wall

       Interactive element of throwing a snowball with option to retaliate, allowing for basic gamification functionality

The result was a snowball splat across your friends’ face, and the opportunity for them to retaliate.

The User then had to select the type of snowball to throw at a friend and invite them to join the game, if they hadn’t already played.

Users landed on the landing page which gave a detailed description of how the game works and a call to action to start playing.