The Brief

Ooba is a South African Home Loan expert that assists their customers in buying homes. Ooba felt that the kind of information they could provide customers would translate well to mobile so they contacted Realmdigital to provide an application that would help extend and enhance Ooba’s helpful service to mobile too. Together we created a useful mobile home buying tool, that allows you to do retail research on the go.

ooba’s online calculators are extremely popular with home buyers and real estate agents. We wanted to give people access to that same valuable information on their phones.  We also wanted to allow home buyers the ability to get pre-qualified for loans (finding out how much they can afford and could potentially expect from a bank), find tips and information or to contact one of our home finance experts from within the app. Dominique dHotman

CIO, ooba

Simplistic and direct functionality

Simplistic and direct functionality

The ooba mobile app design focused on providing a simplistic and direct functionality, making it easier for estate agents and home buyers to quickly and easily gain the information they needed. The result is an intuitive and clear user interface that has become an essential mobile app for estate agents’ devices.

Apple and Android support

The ooba mobile app is supported by operating systems on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Useful tools

It is packed with useful tools, such as a set of powerful calculators that can calculate bond affordability, bond repayment amounts, bond and transfer costs, home loan amortisation, additional home loan deposit savings and more. The app also provides free expert advice as well as FAQs, and it enables users to apply to be prequalified for a bond.


Just one week into the launch of their free mobile app ooba, leading home finance experts, gained over 600 downloads and more than 60 positive reviews and ratings in the Android and iOS mobile stores. The ooba native app, which boasts a 5 star rating on iTunes and 4.9 stars out of 5 on Android by over 60 different users, is creating quite the stir in the property buying industry amongst home buyers and real estate agents.

The ooba mobile app has made notable traction amongst those in the property industry, with reviewers calling it a ‘convenient’ and ‘user friendly’ tool that they would ‘recommend to anyone in the industry’ as ‘the perfect free app to simplify home finance’.

ooba and Realmdigital worked together to build an app that provides a home buyer with all the calculators they need to make the right home buying decision while being quick and easy-to-use.  The user feedback has been incredible and shows what can be achieved if you deliver a service that the market is looking for while following development best practices.

Simon Bestbier

CEO, Realmdigital


  • User Friendly 80%
  • Convenient 80%
  • Easy to use calculators 75%
  • Happiness 95%

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