The Brief

Sure Travel approached Realmdigital to build a new site for the company, something that would capture the inspiring visual nature of travel and would encourage their visitors to browse in an easy and logical way. We accepted the challenge, leveraging the creativity of our design and software teams to build a more visually inclined site that would result in a higher number of site visits and enquiries made.

Our existing site had reached its limitations, and the vision we have of how we want to display our brand and indeed our offering was limited, therefore we once again turned to our existing development partner of choice, Realmdigital, and embarked on the very exciting project of developing our new website.

Sure Travel

Our Solution

Superior and eye-catching design

A visit to the home page and you too would immediately agree that the site is visually appealing, and like the inspiration or perhaps jealousy that stirs your imagination when browsing a friend’s vacation photos, the large banner images that scroll across the screen pique your interest.  All travel packages are accompanied by large inviting images; some have the option to scroll through an image gallery which is slick and aesthetically pleasing.


My Suitcase and Social Sharing

My Suitcase is an ingenuitive spin on a Basket or Cart, however since Sure Travel is not an e-commerce site the Suitcase effectively allows the visitor to save their favourite packages and email them to a friend. The email has a Sure Travel header with all the details of the packages including the images and links back to the site. The new site allows users to share packages to social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus directly from the site or from the Suitcase email. This functionality should increase site visits by referral.


Easy, logical browsing experience

Browsing for a holiday package on the  Sure Travel site now allows the visitor more choice – they can browse by destination, experience (skiing, golfing, etc.), or even by budget! Searching is also made more accessible as the search bar is static and allows the visitor to use it at any stage. The search bar is divided into a general site search, an advanced search (one can set filters), and then separate search drop down menus for flights, vehicles, or accommodation.


The Sure Travel website is completely content managed using our Platform CMS, which enables them to add new products, packages, specials, and more.

The new Sure Travel site went live toward the end of 2012 and so has had just over a month to show its efficacy, this is what Abigail had to say about the new site: “Working with Realmdigital once again was very exciting. The ideas, through to conceptualisation, attention to detail, and indeed the ability to create and meet all our requirements was met with great enthusiasm. We proceeded with a soft launch in January, and have been overwhelmed with the positive response. Traffic has increased, and both the quality and number of enquiries plus the conversion rate have all increased. I, myself, am extremely happy with our new site and am already in planning and implementation of “Phase 2” with Realmdigital. Our official launch of the site will be March 2013, which will involve a very exciting competition.”

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