Realm Digital and Cape Town welcomes David Muchatibaya, our latest PHP / .Net Developer.

Originally from a small town called Triangle in Zimbabwe, David was living in Johannesburg for 9 years before deciding to take the leap and move to Cape Town, and join the Realm Team.

Having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, David is excited about technology such as ASP.Net MVC, C# and AngularJS.

What he loves most about Software Development is learning new technologies, overcoming challenges and solving problems.

When outside of the office, he enjoys the outdoors and lots of sport including soccer and Formula 1. He also enjoys a good movie, and gaming of course!

On why he wanted to join Realm Digital, “I was looking for a challenge. I come from a front end development background, with the intention of growing more in the back end development area. Realm Digital seemed like a brilliant environment to take my career to the next level.”

Welcome to Realm, David, we trust that you’ll be right at home here!