Our Services

Website_Development Web Development

Custom Website Development

We love building remarkable applications for the web. We are passionate about clean code and web development best-practices. Our team is more than capable of working with third-party solutions and API’s. Read More.


Our Content Management System, Realm Platform,  gives you the ability to update your website as well as other media such as your intranet, mobile and Facebook Apps all from a centralized place.


Our eCommerce solutions and services can turn a good website into a profitable website. We can develop an effective, user-friendly eCommerce website that provides secure transactions and payments online. Integrated eCommerce functionality allows you to easily conduct your business online with secure payment transaction. 

Custom Web Design

Creating a memorable customer experience comes down to knowing what users want and transforming it into a creative website that is talked about and used time and again. This is why we always design and develop for the end user to enhance their user experience.

eReservations and Online Bookings

While the eReservations and Online Bookings technology is highly essential and effective for the tourism industry, its functionality is used in other industries too. We allow for online bookings such as accommodation, events, products and services, and make it simple for you to manage it all through our easy to use back-end system called Platform.

Digital_Marketing Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is widely used and a very effective form of communication that allows businesses to engage with the customers and selected target audience. By using eNewsletters you can manage and maintain relationships with those who have opted in to your newsletter all whilst driving traffic to your site.

Marketing Reports

Monitoring and measuring your marketing efforts are crucial to ensure the success of your business. You need to know what is working for you and what isn’t to ensure you see a return on investment. Our analytical and insightful team will create a slick report for you on a monthly basis measuring everything you are working on.


Realmdigital can help bring more customers to your website by increasing your site rankings. By optimising your website content, meta data and keywords, we can help get your website to the top of Google and other search engines.

Social Media

Using social media platforms to engage and reach out to your customers is effective and results in a very high return on investment. We offer online moderation, community management and brand management across a multitude of social networks. From conceptualizing a social media strategy to implementation, our team will cover it all.
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Facebook Applications

We understand the importance of brand guidelines, target markets and creativity. Our expertise in Facebook Application Development can help your brand engage with Facebook Users and ultimately do better business.
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Digital-PublishingDigital Publishing

Content Conversion

Realmdigital specializes in converting content for digital formats. By making your content rich and interactive we will help you increase your content value and simplify your digitizing workflow.

Custom Publishing

We specialise in producing publications such as magazines that are published on behalf of your company. Magazine publications are an excellent way for businesses to communicate directly to their customers.

eBook Stores

Realmdigital can look at creating content-rich products that are affordable, reliable, and easy to use. We can promote your e-book and ensure that it looks professional, graphically appealing, and a joy to read.
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eBook and Meta Data Integration

Realmdigital integrates with multiple 3rd parties offering eBook feed integration. These feeds provides retailers with access to over a million different eBooks allowing them to sell this via their ecommerce stores.


The Mobile and Web reader functionality allows for content to be read, viewed and played on the web. Ideal for clients who want to sell content via an online Web Store or via mobile applications.
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Mobile_DevelopmentMobile Development

Mobile App Development

Realmdigital builds enterprise mobile applications for businesses that are accessible on a variety of smartphones and tablets. We offer extensive tools for custom Application Development services to our clients looking to extend their online presence to mobile. We can help you build mobile applications from scratch or enhance your existing one.
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Mobi Sites

Realmdigital can easily create great responsive websites that will adapt to any screen size on mobile phones or tablets. We can take full advantage of integrated marketing features such as click to call, geo-location, online reservations and more. Creating a mobi site for your business will help you engage with your customers and significantly increase your revenue at the same time.

Personal-ServicesProfessional Services

Website Audit and Usability

Website audits help webmasters or business owners understand the functionalities and components of a website’s performance on the Internet. Our team can help businesses by conducting basic audits of the client’s website, website analytics (if available) and their Facebook Fanpage.

Usability and User Experience

Usability and user experience is one of the most important professional services that we provide, an intriguing website with all the bells and whistles which is unfriendly to the end user is not helpful for driving sales and promoting your business.

Digital Strategy

Realmdigital’s consultancy service is able to benefit your company by offering a constant resource of technical expertise, advice and decision-making without disturbing any current business structures.

Business Analysis

Realmdigital’s Consultancy service provides companies with a trustworthy and capable team of highly skilled system architects and business analysts to identify, plan, implement and project manage all aspects of the business’s IT infrastructure.

User Interface Design

User Interface (UI) Design is the creation of software and web applications that extract the best user experience possible. Our quality products and services are clean, neat, practical, and a visual feast.

Strategy Consulting

From insight right through execution, our team can help you get ahead of change and close the gap between analysis and results. We work with companies by implementing strategies that overcome their business challenges and provide detailed insights for proven results.