Ruan Meyer recently joined the Realm Digital team as a Senior .Net Developer.

Ruan will be focusing on Development, and is hoping to get stuck into some IoT and electronics. With a passion for robotics, mechatronics, computer vision, machine learning, big data and pattern recognition, this comes as no surprise.

When it comes to Software Development, solving problems and automation is what he loves the most.

Outside of the office, Ruan enjoys Full Contact Medieval Fighting. He ran a school while living in Johannesburg called Medieval Fight Club, teaching armouring, blacksmithing and sword and shield fighting. He is planning to start up a school again here in Cape Town soon.

This Techy is currently learning Russian and Serbian in his spare time, and he has basic conversational German. He also has gained experience in blacksmithing from Conrad Hicks, and can even make a really good Mead. A man of many talents….

On why he wanted to join the Realm Team, “It seems like an exciting place to be. I like the vibe and the culture”.

Welcome Ruan, great to have you on board!