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Megan Kuhn Joins Realm Digital

Megan Kuhn is the latest addition to the Realm Digital team and comes on board as Project Manager. We get to know her a bit better.

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Technology Focus: Elasticsearch

Our latest technology focus is on Elasticsearch. Let’s explore and find out more about this open-source search engine with Senior Developer Zachie Du Bruyn.

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Technology Focus: Magento eCommerce Solution

We caught up with Realm Digital’s Senior Developer, Zachie Du Bruyn to have a chat about eCommerce solution, Magento. 

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Automation and the future workforce

Automation is no longer just a buzzword; it is absolutely necessary if you are to see your business thrive in the current and ever-transforming technological landscape.

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Ryan Gordon joins Realm Digital

The Realm Team is growing with the latest addition being Ryan Gordon as New Business Development Manager.

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Realm Digital welcomes Michael Brown

Michael Brown recently joined Realm Digital as .Net Developer as part of a team that works onsite at one of our clients’.

How real-time inventory is indispensable to retailers

It’s hard to imagine any company getting by without supply chain visibility. Real-time visibility of inventory isn’t just fundamental to keeping costs under control but makes for more efficient planning. Let’s explore.

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From curiosity to customer: how to encourage the conversion

The biggest drivers of change in any business are the ever-changing customer expectations. There’s a divide between what customers expect from their interactions, and what businesses can actually deliver on.

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5 Checkpoints of your business strategy

We’ve put together a checklist to consider when you embark on the process of strategic planning for your business.