The six stages of travel

An understanding of how the travel decision-making process works leads to a blueprint of how to place a Travel Business in the market. With so...

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Realm Digital welcomes Martilize Van Kradenberg

Realm Digital recently welcomed Martilize van Kradenberg who joined as the HR Manager. She was born and raised in Welkom, in the Free State and...

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Guidelines to running your own e-commerce website

Whether you are thinking of starting an e-commerce website or just looking for ways to improve your existing one, let’s face it, good advice is...

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The future of e-commerce?

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is the use of an electronic medium to carry out commercial transactions. It usually refers to the sale of...

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Welcome to Realm Digital, Carla Vermeulen

Carla Vermeulen has joined the Realm Digital team as Project manager. We caught up with her to get to know her a bit better!

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Realm takes on the vehicle tracking industry

Over the past few months, Realm Digital has been working on a very exciting new project and has developed an advanced service that integrates...

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Realm welcomes Zachie du Bruyn

Johannes Zacharias Du Bruyn known as Zachie, has recently joined the Realm team as Senior Developer. Zachie was born in the Free State, raised...

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How to set up a digital strategy for your company

A digital strategy forms an integral part of the overall business’ strategy. Let’s look at some steps to follow when setting up your digital strategy.