Damian Gibbs has recently joined the Realm team as ePublishing Manager.

Damian is a born and bred Capetonian who has a love for the publishing industry. In the 20 years that he has been in the publishing industry he has worn a variety of hats; from designer to typesetter and even converting digital content.

Damian is very passionate about publishing and where it fits into the current world, in his own words “ Publishers are at a pivotal point of maintaining traditional print products and innovating digital ones. Even more so now than before.”

Realm Digital and Damian will work hand in hand to ensure that the amazing services Realm has to offer, such as our technology services and SaaS solutions, have a solid footing in the future of the company. That is after all why Damian wanted to join the Realm Team. We are sure Damian will be a great part of the pioneering work that Realm does in the publishing industry and with Realm’s deep understanding of the industry, Damian is sure to learn more and more about the industry that he loves. Here is a quote from Damian himself on why he wanted to join the Realm team; “Realm stands out for innovation in and around publishing as the leaders in Southern Africa (if not the continent) and I had always been slightly in awe.”

Outside of the office, since Damian was a child he has had a love for water and that lead him to join his local sailing club where he spends most of his free time, that is of course if he is not supporting his sons who are competitive athletes in water polo and sailing. We guess that old saying is very true. Like father, like sons.

Welcome Damian, we are excited to have you on board.


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