What is Freshworks?

Freshworks offers a range of SAAS solutions that makes it refreshingly easy to engage with customers. These solutions are ready to go, easy to set up, and requires minimal customisation.

Freshworks products

The suite includes a host of products catering for various business needs. From customer engagement, to helpdesk support, live chat and an automated marketing solution, this is software that will optimize the way you’re doing business.

CRM for high volume sales teams

Automated Marketing Solutions

Cloud based call centre software

Website monitoring tool

IT Service Desk Software

Human Resource Software

Contextual collaboration software

Incident communication software

Why Freshworks?

Products that are easy to use, work right out-of-the-box, and offer unrivaled time-to-value.

Freshworks for support teams

Be more strategic in your approach to
customer support with Freshdesk.
You can consolidate, automate and
resolve issues with a host of
innovative support solutions.

Freshworks for IT teams

Allow your IT team to be more efficient
and effective with a powerful IT service
management solution. Freshservice
includes a host of feature that will
streamline your IT team’s output.

Freshworks for sales teams

Give your Sales team the tools it needs
to effectively implement your sales
strategy. Attract leads, engage with
customers and close deals faster.

How Realm Digital can get you started?

Realm Digital is a Freshworks Partner. We assess your business’ requirement in terms of customer engagement, and strategize which solution best suits your specific need.

We are able to implement your preferred solution, integrate with existing software, provide training and ongoing support.

How can we help you get the most out of Freshworks?


Realm has a detailed knowledge of Freshworks and the services they offer.


Realm Digital can help you identify your specific business need, and provide ongoing training and support.


We will get you integrated with your prefered solution.

We would love to get you started on this journey, get in touch with us today.