Technology Focus: Elasticsearch

Our latest technology focus is on Elasticsearch. We caught up with Realm Digital’s Senior Developer, Zachie Du Bruyn to find out more about this open-source search engine. What exactly is Elasticsearch? The official tagline says it best: Elasticsearch is the most...

Technology Focus: Geofencing

We explore the benefits of geofencing and delve deeper into some practical examples. The Evolution of Mobile The evolution of mobile phones has been so fast, that this little device has replaced so many other gadgets in our lives. According to the mobile research...

Automation and the future workforce

Automation is no longer just a buzzword; it is absolutely necessary if you are to see your business thrive in the current and ever-transforming technological landscape.

How real-time inventory is indispensable to retailers

It’s hard to imagine any company getting by without supply chain visibility. Real-time visibility of inventory isn’t just fundamental to keeping costs under control but makes for more efficient planning. Let’s explore.