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Exclusive Books Stickers

The Brief

In the retail space especially with books and entertainment being your commodity, the challenge is to create an outstanding brand presence. Exclus1ves saw the need for long-term loyalty with their clients and felt a simple membership program was not going to be enough. They introduced gamification to their customer’s online purchasing activities, through the Exclusive Stickers Campaign.

The Solution

The concept of Stickers was introduced to gamify online purchasing. Registered Exclus1ves users were rewarded with stickers for different actions they performed on the Exclus1ves site. Different actions including logging in or rating products, rendered different stickers.


Smiley Face stickers were rewarded to users in a multitude of ways. Users who logged in to the Exclus1ves site automatically received smiley face stickers. These stickers could be dragged from a fixed sticker panel onto a product indicating that you like this product. Once a product reaches a certain amount of smiley faces, the product will be discounted for a selected time.


Discount stickers were rewarded to customers for a variety of reasons which may include birthdays or rating products on the site. Discounts ranged from 25% off a selected product category to 50% off any item. This concept rewarded customers for their constant use of stickers as well as being active users on the Exclus1ves site. Not only did rewarding customers provide more customer interaction, it also encouraged customers to purchase more products online.


These stickers could be used to rate products on the Exclus1ves site. Users simply dragged and dropped a sticker on a product and the product was automatically rated. Users were also rewarded for rating products with either a smiley face or discounted stickers. Rewarding users for rating products increases the number of rated products on the site.

Social Sharing

Users were able to drag and drop either a Facebook, Twitter or email sticker on any item that they wished to share. Dragging a Facebook or Twitter sticker onto a product immediately updates the user’s social media profile about this product. Dragging an email sticker onto a product rendered an email form, allowing the user to email someone information about the product.

The Results

This campaign went on to be highly successful for Exclus1ves, enabling their brand to grow online presence, increase social interaction, and foster loyalty from their online Customer.

Realm Digital went on to win an IAB Bookmark in 2012 for development on this project.


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