FNB Private Life

The Brief

FNB continuously strive to be at the forefront of technological innovation and have seen advancement on the technological front a lot faster than other South African Financial Institutions.  

Their website and mobile banking apps are just some of the reasons why users are switching over to this globally recognised bank. With the assistance of Realm Digital, experts in the digital publishing section, FNB Private Clients made the bold and innovative decision to offer their clients the FNB Private Life magazine via mobile platforms.

The Solution

Using the Snapplify digital publishing solution, we developed the FNB Private Clients mobile application which was available for download on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The Private Life, a digital lifestyle and financial magazine included bespoke editorial and photography covering the arts, food, wine, sports, travel, and of course personal finance, independently written for the clients of FNB’s private banking division, FNB Private Clients.  The free downloadable app included a convenient help section, providing first time users with information on how to use the app.

The Results

FNB has been a company to keep your eye on in terms of innovation and technology. Enabling the private banking division to digitally publish their magazine was a pleasurable experience and we definitely look forward to working alongside them in the future and seeing how we can do some awesome things with this scalable technology.

Simon Bestbier
CEO, Realmdigital



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