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What is Snapplify

Snapplify is a digital publishing solutions provider that offers digital books app development, digital magazine apps, digital newspaper and video app.

In 2011 Realm Digital developed Snapplify. After being backed by AngelHub Ventures, a Venture Capital company, it went on to being established as a separate business. 

Since then, Snapplify has become Africa’s largest eBook aggregator, with more than 250 leading publisher’s content.

The Snappbox

The Snappbox supports online and offline content delivery and can be preloaded with thousands of eBooks and multimedia.

This advanced piece of hardware has become essential in the development and adoption of eLearning within the South African and African market, as one of its main feature features is that saves bandwidth, and decreases download time.


Devices and Platforms

Snapplify Readers are able to access content on all devices with these platforms

Content can be accessed in these formats


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