At Realm Digital, a software development company in Cape Town, we are proficient in a number of of development languages. We are passionate about new technology, and how it can make everyday life more efficient. More importantly, we are passionate about learning and growing and making an impact on software development in Cape Town, and beyond.


A platform that is especially proficient at single page applications. Angular combines formal logic programming principles, service prompting, and end to end tooling to solve development challenges. Angular assists developers to construct applications for multiple platforms: on mobile, tablet devices and desktop

woocommerceWordPress & WooCommerce

These are the open source architectures which power a third of all websites. WordPress is evolved from a PHP-type architecture and is notably easy to use for novice or amateur web developers. Its e-commerce twin is WooCommerce, which allows WordPress sites to execute product retail and service billing. WordPress has core templates which can be richly customised with a diversity of plug-ins.


Node.js is a runtime environment which contains all elements you require to run a programme in JavaScript. Node.js permits software engineers to build superior applications as the end product nearly always has the appearance of a frictionless stream of events.


An open source JavaScript framework which finds specific application in building user interfaces. It sources its origins in the work of a former Google engineer who was seeking a simplification of Angular. Vue.j is mainly anchored by plain JavaScript objects, but also it features clever re-rendering properties. This enables Vue.js to have broad awareness of its reactive habits when rendering, allowing precision re-renders with all components harmonising. An adaptable programming language, Vue is equally proficient at single-page applications.


A core element of making most things work online, without you having to prompt them to. JavaScript is one of the digital world’s most popular programming languages and is a powerful code that enables most websites to be intuitively interactive. Most of the dynamic elements on a webpage, are powered by JavaScript


An object-orientated programming language used for networking and web development, with a specific focus on Microsoft’s .NET framework. C# is mostly purposed for designing web forms, applications and especially windows applications.


A defined programming system which is built on the idea of its own self-sustaining containers. These Docker containers contain all the elements required to create an application and its lightweight architecture runs code with impressive speed. Using a copy-on-write file system for its stowage is crucial to Docker’s speed. It is hierarchical, with any layer recognising a usable file or folder in a sub-layer and purposing it – instead of duplicating.


This is essentially a closed ecosystem scripting language. Coded in 1994, it is one of the original webpage languages. It can be purposed to build static or dynamic websites, in addition to other online applications. PHP does require a dedicated server and interpretation module. Interestingly it has applications outside of web use, with the language applied by engineers in the design of independent graphic elements and even contemporary drone flight and interface control.


This is quintessentially the coding that makes the internet work. Java is a ubiquitous programming language which has been developed and updated since 1995 and exhibits powerful commonality. It works on most devices and platforms. As such, its sheer scale and common development resources have gifted Java a feature rich legacy which builds every day, in addition to outstanding online security too.


An open source programming language convergent with Java Virtual Machine requirements and very popular for Android development. Kotlin is unique in that it is the only programming language, other than Java, which offers convergence with Android Studio. Being a never language, Kotlin it is optimised for Android development and runs with greater agility and less complexity than Java. Importantly, it is completely synergised with Java too, as both languages generate the same bytecode.

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