We are a software development company that provide clients with a host of technology services, drawing from our 20 years of industry experience. We are passionate about all things digital and would love to journey with you.

Consulting and Strategy

Because we understand that each business has unique objectives, needs and challenges, our approach to consulting and strategic input is anything but a cookie-cutting exercise. We work alongside our clients to precisely identify business needs, before harnessing 20 years of knowledge and experience to craft a digital strategy that delivers on goals and objectives.


We believe that software should enhance your business. With our forward-thinking approach to software development and bold, bespoke coding, we create tailored business solutions which drive efficiencies and inspire growth, while still allowing us to stay true to your business’ brand and identity. If you are looking for a development company in Cape Town, Realm Digital is it.


Everything we create, we do with an optimal user experience in mind. With a strong focus on responsive design, we are able to provide visual experiences across multiple digital platforms, ensuring your customers are met with a visually stunning backdrop before they even begin navigating. We adhere to industry standards of digital design and ensure our creative team stay ahead of the curve, both in terms of trends and design inspiration.


As a software development company, we combine innovative thinking with industry-leading technology to create customised and captivating mobile applications, providing users a ‘brand in hand’ experience and further connecting your business directly to consumers.