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Technology Focus: Vue.js

Vue.js is the relatively new kid on the block within the Javascript framework. We caught up with Realm’s Senior Developer, Kyle Mulder to find out more.

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Technology Focus: Elasticsearch

Our latest technology focus is on Elasticsearch. Let’s explore and find out more about this open-source search engine with Senior Developer Zachie Du Bruyn.

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Technology Focus: Magento eCommerce Solution

We caught up with Realm Digital’s Senior Developer, Zachie Du Bruyn to have a chat about eCommerce solution, Magento. 

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The future of e-commerce?

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is the use of an electronic medium to carry out commercial transactions. It usually refers to the sale of...

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Realm takes on the vehicle tracking industry

Over the past few months, Realm Digital has been working on a very exciting new project and has developed an advanced service that integrates...

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How to set up a digital strategy for your company

A digital strategy forms an integral part of the overall business’ strategy. Let’s look at some steps to follow when setting up your digital strategy.

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Building better digital books

Realm Digital has an established record of award winning innovation, design, and integrations across diverse industries, including partnering with publishers and book retailers.

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Is your website retail season ready?

Is your business ready for the two biggest sales this retail season – Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Can your website handle the influx of traffic?