Chando Karidza has joined the Realm Digital team as Senior Developer.

Chando was born and bred in Zimbabwe, he studied at a Belgium Campus but because of his love for learning, he started exploring and taught himself most of his own skills. This love for learning and drive to be better at what he does has put him right in the middle of some amazing project in the past and we have some amazing things lined up for him now that he has joined the ever growing Realm Digital Team.

Chando’s love for Development, Ai Technology and hard work has brought him to Realm Digital, but we all know the saying “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy” well Chando really likes making people laugh, with his wide collection of Meme’s that he distributes to the Realm team that always ends up causing a roll of laughter and giggles in a usually quiet office.

We asked Chando what he loves most about development and he answered us in the form of a quote by an unnamed developer. It goes as followed: “A software developer is a person that fixes problems you sometimes never knew you had in a language you don’t understand”. This quote really in-bodies everything that we have seen from Chando since he started at Realm Digital. He loves solving problems and no challenge will make him back down from becoming an even more intricate part of the innovative Realm Digital Development force.

Outside of the office, he loves watching and playing football, drinking a glass of Groot Constantia Cab Sav and reading a John Grisham novel.

When asked why he wanted to join the Realm team, “I needed a change from what I was doing and I had heard some awesome things about the team down here. It was also a chance for me to live and work in Cape Town.”

Welcome Chando, great to have you on board.



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