Realm Digital

Richard Wagener recently joined the Realm Team as an Account Manager.

Having completed a B.Comm in Management and Economics at Rhodes University, he spent years in the IT Sales Industry, before deciding to join the Realm team.

He is passionate about new technology like Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networking, New Materials Networking, and the integration between humans and technology, particularly Virtual Reality and the possibilities for this new technology. “I feel in the next 30 years as it develops and improves, it will play a larger role in society. Everything from remote surgery, gaming, flying, driving, work, sports and expanding human capabilities

On why he wanted to join the team, “Realm looked like a company where the staff are happy and looked busy. They are also right up my alley in terms of the products they sell. I also got a very good idea of the company, and what to expect during the interview process”

Outside of the office he enjoys a bit of golf when opportunity arises. He also tries to volunteer as much as he can by teaching previously disadvantaged children, to donating to the Reach For A Dream Foundation. He also loves chess and is addicted to mountains.

Fun fact about Richard: He enjoys long walks on the beach, particularly sunsets and very long runs on the mountains. “If it’s not an ultra-marathon it’s probably not long enough.”

Welcome Richard, great to have you with us!



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