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The cost of not being Due Diligence ready is incalculable for business owners whose transactions fell through because they weren’t prepared and proved quite expensive for investors who embarked on a failed Due Diligence that could have been avoided.


270 Questions were designed to analyze the readiness, weaknesses and gaps of an applicant and their business. The online due diligence tool expedited the application process and provided the applicant with a complete, dynamic valuation and a financial model with key actionable points in order to guide the applicant through the process.

The client, Knife Capital took years of industry knowledge and provided Realm with a complete list of all questions and weighting thereof and needed the help of Realm Digital to conceptualise the user journey and bring the system to life through the presentation of over 23 graph types via professionally presented online and PDF reports.



The tool was short-listed in the Design Innovation Funding Competition More than 80 companies have completed YueDiligence Increase in the corporate sales pipeline and significant interest in the market